Breath Bird Breathes Life Into Twitter Accessibility

by Kevin Makice

A Japanese firm recently released an iPad app that allowed a user to tweet status updates on Twitter using their breath:

The way it works is that when you fire up the app, your timeline appears on the left hand side of the screen (it refreshes automatically to keep things simple).

On the right, an on-screen keyboard with all characters from a-z split into five rows appears (see below). Breath Bird starts highlighting each row, one after the other, from top to bottom. If the row in which the character you’d like to “type” is highlighted, breathe into the mic to make the app highlight all characters in that row one after the other, from left to right.

Two years ago, researchers at the University of Wisconsin created a brain-to-Twitter interface that allowed you to bypass both typing and breathing and think out your 140 characters.

TechCrunch (July 14, 2011, by Serkan Toto)