Low-Hanging Fruit of UX

by Kevin Makice

Pek Pongpaet made a short list of the basic things that should help user experience, regardless of the specifics of an application:

  1. When In Doubt, Make It Faster — Users will never complain that the application was too fast.
  2. Remove Stuff — Remove steps and barriers that users have to go through to accomplish their tasks.
  3. Do the Thinking for Me — Make common-sense assumptions for things that likely won’t be changed right away.
  4. Delight Customers — It’s not enough to solve their problem. Just because you are not making games doesn’t mean you shouldn’t care about delighting users.
  5. First Impressions Matter — People are psychologically hardwired to trust not only beautiful people, but beautiful technology as well.

UX Magazine (August 2, 2011, by Pek Pongpaet)