25 UX Videos Worth Watching

by Kevin Makice

The post is about 1-1/2 years old, but the content is still worth perusing. Smashing Magazine compiled a list of 25 videos and slideshares on UX and design, presented by some big names in the industry. I’ve Spinal Tap-ped the longer resource (this one goes to 11) to include:

  1. 5 Minutes on Imitation in Design (Jeffrey Veen) – 6 minutes
  2. 10/GUI (Clayton Miller) – 8 minutes
  3. The Three Ways That Good Design Makes You Happy (Don Norman) – 13 minutes
  4. Mobile User Experiences (Rachel Hinman) – 24 minutes [See also: https://uxkuali.wordpress.com/2011/08/02/mobile-experience-is-about-revelation/%5D
  5. Sketching User Experiences (Bill Buxton) – 25 minutes
  6. UX Team of One (Leah Buley) – 32 minutes
  7. The State of User Experience (Jesse James Garett) – 40 minutes
  8. Experience Is the Product (Peter Merholz) – 43 minutes
  9. Learning IxD from Everyday Objects (Bill DeRouchey) – 45 minutes
  10. Wireframes for the Wicked (Nick Finck) – 65 minutes
  11. Journey to the Center of Design (Jared Spool) – 74 minutes

If you have some time to kill over lunch, there are worse things you can do than play one of these as you eat your kibble.

Smashing Magazine (January 5, 2010, by Janko Jovanovic)