Forming Design Philosophy

by Kevin Makice

The An Event Apart conference last May included a topic brought up by Whitney Hess, on creating design principles to use to establish a UX philosophy. Hess’s aim was to create universal principles that form a shared understanding among stakeholders. Of her suggestions, these are the six most critical (imo):

  1. Stay out of people’s way — when you do know what people want, give it too them as quickly as possible
  2. Create a hierarchy that matches people’s needs — crucial elements get the greatest prominence
  3. Make a good first impression — aim to make the experience for new users better
  4. Provide signposts and cues — always make it clear how to do things
  5. Use constraints appropriately — prevent errors before they happen
  6. Provide feedback — interaction is a conversation

Findability (July 15, 2011, by Björn Klockljung Johansson)