Agile UX Requires the Right Culture

by Kevin Makice

One of the ongoing challenges for designers in a large ad-hoc organization is where in the culture to inject user experience practices. This is a chicken-and-egg kind of problem most of the time: UX has to work to change the culture to see the value of their practices, but success in doing so often requires the right culture before such changes occur.

Jeff Gothelf, a user experience designer from New York, identifies some of these cultural factors in a Smashing Magazine article from last month. Gothelf is currently the Director of User Experience at, a resource helping jobseekers and recruiters to connect. Among the key insights gleaned from Gothelf’s post:

  • To foster dialogue and investment in outcomes, include non-designers in the design process.
  • Embedded designers foster more accessible use of services
  • Centralized UX teams provide a way to vent and troubleshoot challenges.

In addition to culture, Gothelf also has articles discussing hiring and integration issues.

How To Build An Agile UX Team: The Culture (October 18, 2011, by Jeff Gothelf)