Free HCI Course, courtesy Stanford

by Kevin Makice

Stanford, long a leader in use of technology in open education, is accepting registrations for a series of courses to begin in January 2012. Among them is Scott Klemmer‘s Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) introduction:

This course teaches core techniques for rapid prototyping and interface evaluation, as well as some ways to conduct fieldwork that gains input from the people who might use new designs before you build them. The course materials consist mainly of Khan-Academy-style short videos (about 2 hours per week) that students can watch at their leisure, taking quizzes and interacting with faculty through a special forum, where other students can vote up questions.

In addition to acclimating people to HCI who are unfamiliar with needs-based design, it might be a low-overhead refresher for professionals, as well. Stanford also offers about a dozen other free online courses in computer science and entrepreneurship, such as Natural Language Processing, Game Theory, and Anatomy.

Klemmer, an Associate Professor of Computer Science at Stanford University, has helped design and develop open-source design tools used around the world. One of his student’s recent projects is Bricolage, a tool for applying the content of one page to the design of another.

Human-Computer Interaction, a Stanford University online course